D-Day 80th Anniversary

St Marys Church


Flying the flag for D-Day

The Official D-Day 80 ‘Flag of Peace’ is up at at St Mary's Church Stapleford Abbotts!

A beacon will also be lit at Abridge Hall at 9.15pm on Thursday June 6th. All welcome to attend - the area will be open from 8pm.

This is all part of national commemorations on 6th June for the 80th Anniversary of D-Day Worldwide. Flags will fly across the Nation as we remember Operation Overlord which brought together the largest naval, air and land operation in history, and remember over 209,00 casualties. From Government, Civic Authorities, Municipal, Borough, City, Town and Parish Councils, Schools, Churches, Businesses, Associations - anyone and everyone is encouraged to fly the official D-Day 80 ‘Flag of Peace’ as we are in Stapleford Abbotts.