Halloween - Keep it clean!

SA area


A message from the Essex Police for the Halloween season...

Halloween is a fun and exciting time for many but some people can find it unsettling. It's often a busy time for police too.

This Halloween we would like to remind everyone to think of others and be considerate around those not taking part in Halloween. We will take a robust approach to anyone causing problems.

What might seem like being fun and mischievous to some can be really quite frightening to others.

Playing practical jokes on neighbours you don’t know or throwing things at their houses because they’re not taking part in trick or treat is unacceptable.

In many cases it may actually be criminal in nature.

If you decide to go trick or treating, please think carefully about which doors you knock on, particularly if you know there are elderly people living there.

Where possible prearrange visits to neighbours and friends.

While dressing up is part of the fun at this time of year, we would urge people not to deliberately go out of their way to scare or frighten members of the public.

We want everyone to enjoy Halloween and Bonfire Night by keeping themselves safe and making sure they do not cause problems in their communities.