Fly-Tipping: Get even with garbage!

SA Area


Fly tipping - it's ugly, it's potentially dangerous, it's illegal and everybody hates it. We've had our fair share of it in the parish, and we're always on the case - Epping Forest District Council have a system in place for residents to report the problem if it arises and get the debris shifted fast.

If you see any instances of fly-tipping, go to this link and follow the directions to get it logged for removal:

The District Council also run a "special collection" service so residents can get rid of unwanted large bulky household items such as beds, washing machines, fridges and freezers, starting at £32.50 for 1-3 items. Certain items are not accepted, such as garden, building, carpet or chemical waste, worktops, glass items and anything that may take more than two people to remove. Go here to find out more and book a collection: