Queen Elizabeth II - In Memoriam

St Mary's Church, Stapleford Abbotts


As all will now know, HM Queen Elizabeth II died today aged 96, after a reign of seventy years.

In sadness, sympathy, and solidarity, with her family and with the rest of the country, we at Stapleford Abbotts Parish Council would like to pass on our heartfelt condolences and prayers.

We call upon the local community to join us in mourning and commemoration: we will have Books of Condolence at the church and will be observing flag protocols. Updates will be posted as and when we receive them

Please get in touch on staplefordabbottsparishcouncil@gmail.com or on 07894 154877 (preferably by text) with any queries or messages.

Queen Elizabeth II - Recquiescat in Pace

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